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Cooperative learning can be defined as, ‘’breaking the students of a classroom into small units. Therefore they can discover new things easily and learn from one another. They help each other in learning’’.cooperative learning is very useful. When students get familiar with each other, they respect and listen to one another. They share their ideas. They work in-group but maintain their individual personality. The teacher needs to be a master in the use of this learning in class to get positive feedback. Then Students can learn math, English, language, sciences, and arts with the help of cooperative learning.

  •            MY STRATEGY:

Being a teacher of grade 8th, I like to apply these two cooperative learning strategies. My first strategy is the roundtable strategy.


When I was in my first year, my teacher used this strategy. Currently, I like it very much. It was very effective. It helps us a lot. She often used it during her period of English.


It is a very good, effective, and interactive activity to practice vocabulary, grammar, and even content. The procedure is,

ROUNDTABLE STRATEGY n cooperative learning

i.            We need to divide the class into small groups and rows.

ii.            Now, For example, I will prepare a paper sheet for every group with the question on the top of the paper.

iii.            Now this paper is answered by every student individually in the group.

iv.            They see other student’s answers as well.

v.            In round table, each student says a response, writes it on the paper, and passes it on.

This is the complete procedure of a roundtable cooperative learning strategy. You can also read smart phones can change the world positively.


My second strategy is THREE MINUTES REVIEW. It is although another good strategy. we make students think about the question, problem, and content. you can engage the attention of the students. It needs no specific environment. You can start it anywhere anytime. In addition, It is very effective and easy.

  •            PROCEDURE:
  1.           I will divide my class into small groups of 4 and 6.
  2.          I will give them a lecture; suddenly I will stop anywhere during the lesson.
  3.          I will ask them about the topic that I will teach them.
  4.          I will give them three minutes to review their answers.
  5.         They will team up. After this, they will discuss the topic with their group members.
  6.         Every group tells me about the topic. The whole class listens to what they think about the topic.
  7.         In this way, we will have many answers.

For example, after the discussion on the topic’ digestion’. I will ask them different questions. In addition, give those three minutes to review and then answers me back.

These are the two strategies that I am going to use as a teacher.

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